Links & Updates.

hey, all.

sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day job (which is ending within the next week and can i just say: summer is terrifying for an adjunct professor who doesn’t have classes but does have a child? *shudder*) and the hard work of trying write extra-stylized creative memoir blog entries. during such breaks, i write all in lower-case (except proper nouns) and, like your average tech-dependent American, obsessively track my social media sites and blog stats (mostly on my smartphone) and feel totally disheartened when i don’t have replies.

but that’s neither here nor there.

in my absence from posting, i want to direct you to a few of my friends:

Kristen Witucki is a really, really cool lady i met in grad school. we had fiction workshop together. i’d strike up pre-class conversations with her in part because she’s awesome, but also to cover up the fact that i was kind of afraid of her guide dog, Tad, who was this huge black Lab chillin’ under our conference table.

anyway, Kristen and i became mothers within four months of each other. we spent most of our pregnancies trading notes and now, to a lesser degree since neither of us have as much “free” time, we trade notes on motherhood. here’s a link to her blog: Kristen recently entered Medela’s Keep the Connection Photo Contest for new and expectant mothers. She describes in 25 words or less how she “keeps the connection” to her son, Langston, through the act of nursing. On the surface, her photo is one of many contest entries. But as a blind mother, her photo and caption are activism. With discriminatory incidents like this happening on a regular basis, it’s important for her (and us) to inform others that blind parents are just as capable as sighted ones in understanding their children and their unique and particular needs. Vote for her photo here. Your vote is a show of solidarity and advocacy.

– next up: my mother has become a blogger. not sure if you all were aware that i’m the daughter of a minister (i’ve probably blogged about this?), but i am. my mom’s ministry blog is located here. she updates every friday and she’d love to expand her readership, so check her out. she’s a great writer, in her own right, and i’m super-proud of her. right now, she’s in the middle of a series; her posts are necessarily stand-alone. if you want to give the series a shot, you’ll get the most out of it by starting at the beginning. First series post: here. Link to the whole series: here.

– the amazing artist, tatyana fazlalizadeh, has started a new site called Love Letters From Dope People, which is pretty much exactly as it sounds. it’s musings on love. from dope people. and when she says dope, she really means it. check out the interviews and essays. they’re pretty profound.

– finally, as of about six weeks ago, i blog for, a black daily news site in the vein of the huffington post. check them (and me) out and if you dig what you read, be a repeat visitor. links to a couple of my “popular” posts are here and here.

in other news, i’ll be back with a new motherhood post pretty soon. maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but soon. and i hope you’ll remember it, if not for the rest of your life, for a really really really long time. 😉

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