NaPoWriMo: poems 7-11

i am totally flaking out. i had to catch up, in haiku. and not particularly strong or powerful haiku, either. just… rushed, keep-up-with-the-challenge haiku.

so here it is.

i should note that these are interconnected.

(for d.n.l.)

poem 7 – haiku

if prison’s a whale
and your cell, its belly, be
Jonah. wash ashore.

poem 8 – haiku

i know why you need
to circumvent Ninevah:
you’ll find mirrors there.

poem 9 – haiku

fear not reflection,
for in every flaw, there is
awe, grace, and power.

poem 10 – haiku

prisons are, themselves,
the criminals, molesting
all they claim to help.

poem 11- haiku

for the newly freed,
smog is as glorious as
tropics’ salted breeze.


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