I’m Guest-Blogging at The Washington Post This Week!

I’ll be here all week!

I didn’t want to say anything here until I had an official first link to share. Now that I have one, here’s this week’s big news: I’m filling in for the incomparable Alyssa Rosenberg this week at her WaPo blog, Act Four. If you’re not already reading Act Four, you totally should be; it’s incredible. There’s no one like Alyssa. I’ve been following her for years, beginning with her work at ThinkProgress, and I’ve never ceased to be impressed by how much insight she can infuse into TV, film, and culture. I was first astounded then honored that she invited me to do this. It’s not every day that someone you admire is gracious enough to share such an illustrious platform with you. When it happens, there’s little else to be but awestruck and deeply grateful.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be pinching myself all week long. I even went big and showed my first byline there to my nana (who is kind of hard to impress). This did the trick; she gave me the eyebrow-raise and head-nod of approval. Woot! Hopefully some of this week’s readers will do the same. 🙂

Oh! Also: if you have any topic suggestions for me to cover — related to pop culture or politics (I’m great at the former, not nearly as well-versed at the latter) — leave them in the comments section here. I’m writing one post a day till Friday. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to any topic you may suggest, but it’d be really nice to hear from you.

In the meantime, watch the breathtaking Michaela DePrince perform this spot on impression of the way my heart feels right now:


4 responses to “I’m Guest-Blogging at The Washington Post This Week!”

  1. Stacia, What a fantastic article on black ballerinas. I have to say it is one of the best articles I have read in recent years in capturing the essence of institutional racism and what we can all do to combat it. You really hit the mark. I have always viewed racism as being based in fear. In the case of athletes (or athletic/artistic institutions like top tier ballet companies), the sheer talent of black ballerinas creates fear of change to the status quo, resulting in their being blocked from prima status as you have so eloquently written. Thanks for this. Keep up the great work.

  2. So, I’ve also got an idea for a topic, but it requires some background discussion. If you are interested, just shoot me a note. Cheers.

  3. Stacia, just read your latest on the Nigerian kidnappings. You are absolutely correct that we need to understand the dynamics of the situation (quickly) before taking definitive action. This is one reason why I support a foreign policy that involves letting local governments determine a course of action that makes sense in their region, with the U.S. providing logistical and, if necessary, additional military force. Anyway, you nailed it again. How do we get you full time at WaPo?

  4. Okay, not sure why I’m the only one posting here, but you are welcome back to WaPo any time, Stacia. You’ve got IT and it’s been a pleasure reading your posts.

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