In Case You’re Wondering…

I know I haven’t been posting new Maranatha chapters. It’s because I haven’t been writing new Maranatha chapters. And that’s because I don’t have any time.

But it’s also because it’s occurred to me, as I’ve gone back through and re-read a few segments, that Chapters 13 and 14 shouldn’t exist.

I definitely don’t think these two should’ve bedded down as soon as they have. For one, I’m not sure how to play that out. And two, it seems rushed and out of character for them both.

So what you may have, whenever I get the chance to really get back to this, is a reboot that starts with an alternate Chapter 13 and beyond.

… And that’s where I am with that.

Thanks to all who were reading. I hope you’ll join in again, whenever I join in again.


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