When I was three, I had an imaginary friend named Silas. He was tall. I can’t remember his ethnicity. He didn’t talk much. He wasn’t the kind of imaginary friend you pinned your indiscretions on. He was just your run-of-the-mill road dog, the very necessary playmate of an only child in a house full of women.

My mother still chuckles recalling how I’d walk away from her in a huff, lifting my tiny hand to reach up and grasp his, saying, “Come on, Silas….”

I miss him.

6 responses to “Loss.”

  1. I always wanted an invisible friend. I tried, but I guess my faith wasn’t strong enough. I could use one now.

    • Silas was awesome. I let go of him some time before moving to Baltimore at age 4, so I only had him a short while–but I still kind of remember him. Weird. lol

  2. Okay, WHY did “I can’t remember his ethnicity,” send me into giggles? You’re very strange.

    I never had an imaginary friend. I guess I was too busy being mean to my younger siblings. lol

  3. I know. lol I almost didn’t include that sentence, but I, too, found it amusing. I think imaginary friends are several times more likely to appear to only children. Or something.

  4. Why don’t you re-create him? But, you know when you do this, you can’t tell anyone 🙂 I don’t recall an invisible friend, but I’m sure I had one being the only child for 8 years… Silas is a great name too.

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