“The Anomalous T.I.P.” at PostBourgie.

Hey fam-

My piece on Clifford “T.I.” Harris just went up over at Postbourgie.com.

Here’s an excerpt:

One month after his arrest, Ridley Scott’s American Gangster opened, with T.I. in a somewhat overhyped role that amounted to little more than a glorified cameo. (Your boy had 20 lines, tops.) Even with his limited screen time, T.I. seemed to possess that same hungry, young, brother-whose-life-is-one-wrong-turn-from-completely-derailing quality that Hollywood loves in its twenty-something Black actors (see: the entire black oeuvre of the 1990s). With the right management, business-savvy, and agent, dude probably could’ve reopened the glass divide between the mass of rappers-turned-actors who never had a chance of taking off in a non-niche market (read: DMX, 50 Cent, Nas, et al.) and the dudes who filmgoers under the age of 21 only know as actors, so consistent and prolific are their roles (read: Will Smith, Ice Cube).

Too bad about those multiple felonies. Now T.I. is just another cautionary tale, right?

Not so fast. If history is any indication, the last place you want to count T.I. down and out is in jail.

Read the rest here.



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