Excavating Emotion with Stacia L. Brown.

One of the most consistent bits of positive feedback I receive about my blog is that it has the ability to make people feel. Not all writing connects with the reader’s emotions. Not all writing is meant to. But there is perhaps no greater frustration for the aspiring writer than to intend for readers to feel her work and to get the sense that she has not quite succeeded.

If that’s you — whether you’re writing creative nonfiction, fiction, an op-ed or even an academic essay (yes, academic papers can convey intense emotion) — I’d like to help you.

To convey the emotions of others, be they fictional or real, you must be in touch with your own. You must become a projector. Think of your feelings as light. You cannot build a lively world of moving images if you are unwilling to let a flash of wild rage; a burst of ecstatic joy, a confession of secret jealousy, a surrender to impregnable sorrow, a yielding to devastating, life-altering love and an equal acquiescence to devastating life-altering heartbreak flow through you.

If the words you need feel trapped under the rubble of denial or self-protection, and somehow, in spite of yourself, you want them on the page to be read by friends and strangers anyway, I can take through a series of exercises, readings and discussions that may help you unearth them.

This summer, I’d like to work one-on-one with writers from all levels of experience who are interested in exploring emotion on the written page. Each writer will work with me individually  to design four hour-long sessions over a four-week period. The dates and times will be scheduled according to each writer’s availability. Sessions will be conducted online via Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangout+, and the content of each client’s sessions will be tailored to his/her writerly needs.

If this is of interest to you, contact me here to initiate the process. Sessions will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.

Wings to Write Consulation & Coaching

I Give Writers Their Wings.

If you’re following me via any social media outlets, you already know that I’m launching a brand new business this month–a consulting and coaching company for would-be, fledgling, and veteran writers.

I’m offering my expertise as a professor of writing to clients who’d like to learn how to better express themselves, either creatively or professionally, in writing. For those who lack confidence in their ability to communicate effectively through writing, I’ll provide motivation, inspiration, and consistent encouragement, to help them reach their writing goals.

Part-editor, part-instructor, part-mentor, I’m crafting private, individualized writing and goal-setting programs to each client, helping them to channel their passion and enthusiasm for self-expression into clean, professional, and/or marketable copy.

It’s a large undertaking and I’m launching it guerrilla-style, with a basic, informal promotional vlog, a frequently updated blog/website, and gradual dissemination of details about company offerings. You can expect a few updates about my business-building process here at my personal blog, but for the most comprehensive information, follow the company on Twitter, join our Facebook page, and visit the official site.

I’m proud to present to you: Wings to Write Consultation & Coaching, where we give writers their wings.