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My Poor, Neglected Blog.

I just noticed that my last entry was nearly a month ago. I’ve greeted this realization with chagrin. So don’t worry. My 30th birthday is in two days. I’m always good for a birthday post.

And I’m working on what I hope will be another flash fiction piece (like “Shhh,” but different), so that should be coming up pretty soon, too.

Lastly, my teaching semester is almost over, leaving the latter half of December wide open for posts. In case anyone cares.

Meanwhile, based on my blog stats, I’ve noticed that a lot of visitors arrive here hot off searches for info about Mute Math, and I want to answer two of those vistors’ top questions:

1. Every member of Mutemath is married, except the drummer Darren King. That includes Greg. And especially Paul.

2. Paul Meany didn’t write “Electrify”; he just sang it. He may or may not have a raging groupie problem. But the songwriter was Adam LaClave.

Happy Googling!