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Buy a Broadside, Support a Family.

2012 has been a banner year for Per-post readership and blog subscriptions have increased exponentially, and feedback from readers has been affirming and overwhelmingly positive. I’d like to thank everyone who regularly or occasionally visits this site for their continued support. I hope what you’ve read here has been encouraging, thought-provoking, inciting, or inspiring in some way. This is ever my aim.

I’ve decided to embark on something of a social experiment, born of necessity (which seems ever prepared to prove to me that it is, indeed, the mother of invention) and of self-promotion. These tend to be areas of great discomfort for me. It’s difficult to be candid about what you need (money!) and to ask for it without apology or shame. It’s even more difficult — at least for me — to say: my work is worthy of what I’m asking. I am good enough at what I do to expect fair compensation. You’d be surprised at how often this simple confession of self-worth has remained caught in my throat.

Right now, I’d be deeply appreciative if you’d place a pre-order for a broadside via the PayPal link below. As is the case with so many families right now, particularly single-parent families, freelance-income families, and start-of-the-school-year-pre-first-paycheck adjuncting families, funds here are very limited. Purchasing a broadside today would make a big difference for us.

Until now, I’ve offered all of my blog content for free, without making any attempt to monetize my online content. That will continue to be the case at this site.

But in addition to the continued labor of love I’ll be doing here, providing longtime supporters and new readers with thoughtful, carefully crafted work on a bimonthly (or more) basis, I’m proud to announce that, for a short time, I’ll be offering limited edition poetry and prose broadsides for sale. Each broadside will feature a self-portrait-as-watermark and a piece of original writing, much of which has been featured here in some form. They will be numbered and signed. My hope and intent is that, in forthcoming years, they will become collector’s items.

The following are preview images, purposely altered so as not to be duplicated:

“Gleaning”: a poem, available in 8″x10″ cardstock b&w, limited run of 25 for $15 each

“Missions”: a poem, available in 8″x10″ cardstock b&w, limited run of 25 copies, $15 each

“Sloughing”: a poem, available in 8″x10″ b&w, limited run of 25 copies for $15 each

“Trapeze”: a poem, available in 8″x10″ b&w, limited run of 25 copies for $15 each

“Lovesick”: a prose-poem, available in 8″x10″ b&w, limited run of 25 at $20 each

The “Lovesick” title was previously published here as a blog entry. If this run of broadsides goes well, I would love to offer any of my previously published blog posts as a customized, autographed prints upon request. If there’s content here that you particularly enjoy or value, please consider requesting that I make it part of my next limited run.

Each of these currently offered titles will be shipped via USPS first class mail. Add $4.00 to the total cost of your purchase before submitting your order via the PayPal link below. Pre-orders are being accepted now. Orders placed this week will ship on Monday, September 10, 2012. For orders placed after September 10, please allow 10-14 business days following your order date for delivery.




Tentative start date for first teen/adult summer sessions: Monday, June 11

Here is the vision: a circle. At its center, you. You are holding a notebook. The words on its pages are yours, lovingly, imaginatively crafted, full of surprising turns and ironies, full of carefully constructed sentences. There are lines; there are strike-throughs. Imperfections, bold choices, incalculable risks.

I ask you to read from that page: Read its nonfiction, its metaphors, its fictive phrasings, its poetry. Read it and feel emptied, feel absolved. Read it and find nimble listeners.

And you do. You lay the words bare, leave them on the floor to be read, to foretell your future.

The listeners wait, let them linger and breathe in a quiet air, let their full weight and bloom be underscored by silence.

And then we commend you, rush through breathless praise and tactful criticism, give you pages lined with hand-scrawled commentary. We compare your work to the others we’ve read by diverse and lovely writers within and without the literary canon, within and without the diaspora.

You leave feeling more confident in the timbre of your voice, in your command of the ideas borne out on the page.

I’m teaching writing this summer. Six-week courses. Join me.

Send your kids between summer camps. Or enroll yourself. You won’t regret it.

A more official, specific announcement is forthcoming. In the meantime, if you’re interested in enrollment, please email me at or post a comment below stating your interest.

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Me. You. Summer Writing.


Tentative start date on first teen/adult sessions: Monday, June 11

Wings to Write Consulation & Coaching

I Give Writers Their Wings.

If you’re following me via any social media outlets, you already know that I’m launching a brand new business this month–a consulting and coaching company for would-be, fledgling, and veteran writers.

I’m offering my expertise as a professor of writing to clients who’d like to learn how to better express themselves, either creatively or professionally, in writing. For those who lack confidence in their ability to communicate effectively through writing, I’ll provide motivation, inspiration, and consistent encouragement, to help them reach their writing goals.

Part-editor, part-instructor, part-mentor, I’m crafting private, individualized writing and goal-setting programs to each client, helping them to channel their passion and enthusiasm for self-expression into clean, professional, and/or marketable copy.

It’s a large undertaking and I’m launching it guerrilla-style, with a basic, informal promotional vlog, a frequently updated blog/website, and gradual dissemination of details about company offerings. You can expect a few updates about my business-building process here at my personal blog, but for the most comprehensive information, follow the company on Twitter, join our Facebook page, and visit the official site.

I’m proud to present to you: Wings to Write Consultation & Coaching, where we give writers their wings.